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Urban/park discgolf tournament right in the capitol city Bratislava

2020 BTS Urban Mayday 

Women Global Event


Tri Point Tour

May 9 - 10, 2020, Bratislava, Slovakia



Welcome to the official website of the 6th edition of the disc golf tournament BTS Urban Mayday in Bratislava - the capitol city of Slovakia. This year the tournament will be a part of the Tri Point Tour - the annual 6-tournament competitive tour in Austria, Hungary and Slovakia. The challenging 18-hole temporary layout in urban setting will test all the players abilities as it offers risk and reward option on almost every shot.

For all the female participants we have a special event as well, on Saturday the tournament will be a part of the Women Global Event global competition between female players all around the world. Each player will automatically be enrolled in the event and the players with the highest PDGA rating average from all the tournaments held on that day will be awarded. So bring all your throws with you as you will need them on hilly open meadows or in the tight woods. 


Urban disc golf brings disc golf to the streets of the city. Out of bounds areas - surrounding roads, sidewalks, buildings and parking lots are everywhere, similarily as at Slippery Rock University during the 2015 PDGA Worlds. Comenius University in Bratislava provides a beautiful park space with moderate elevation changes, tree alleys, and space for long holes while staying all the time in the proximity of an urban space. Check the video below for the visualization of part of the space used for the course. 


First, check the video above for a brief presentation of Bratislava. With half-a-million population, right on the border of three countries, Bratislava is a fast living hipster city easily accessible from both Vienna and Bratislava airport. It offers a mix of old fashioned feudal ancestry combined with huge communistic plans spiced by the early capitalism crazyness. You can stroll through the charming historical center, admire the 60's and 70's architecture in the suburbs, or watch the many growing skyscrapers over the former graylands. Good and cheap food, pleasant walkable city center - you can all find it here. It is all here. 


Disc golf only started in Slovakia in 1990's and for many years it was just a hobby for the group of privileged players who owned the basket. But nowadays we host popular international PDGA tournaments, local tournaments almost every two weeks. Katka Boďová is one of the best female players in Europe, Michal Kúdela and Marko Čačala made it to the final round of 2018 EDGC in MPO and MJ18. The junior scene is advancing very rapidly here with some 10-15 years old boys and girls playing very solid disc golf. And we have amazing disc golf terrain, like one in Smolenice or Krpáčovo on some of the most spectacular courses in Europe. If you haven't been in Slovakia, it is the time. 

WGE 2020 >>

This year's BTS Urban Mayday will be a part of the PDGA Women Global Event 2020. Thousands of women all around the world will compete on the same day (May 9th) on different courses in different countries. At the end of the day their unofficial PDGA round rating averages reached on that day will be compared globally on the event PDGA website in all different age and level divisions. The event promotes and highlights involvement of women in disc golf. Slovakia is known for a great female DG scene with plenty of talented juniors, high rated pros and even a great female master division. Come and join us to celebrate the event here with us. 

3 Point Disc Golf Tour (2).png

In 2019 a new international tour replaced the popular Austro-Hungarian Tour. Each year two tour tournaments are held in each of the three hosting countries - Austria, Hungary and Slovakia. The better result in each country counts for each player in MPO, FPO, MJ18 and FJ18 divisions. In 2020 the tour stops will be Eisenstadt Open (April), BTS Urban Mayday (May), Smolenice Open (June), Orseg Open, STP Open (July) and Budapest Open (October). Come and join the best players in the region at some of the best DG events in the region. 

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